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SAFETY DATA SHEET. Issuing Date 6/02/2015. The supplier identified below generated this SDS using the UL SDS template. UL did not test, certify, or approve the substance described in this SDS, and. Terro Ant Killer II Page 2 / 10. GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements. Heptachlor Side Effects. One popular ant poison product is Heptachlor which is typically used to control fire ant infestation. Heptachlor is classified as a Category II toxicity level by the EPA, which can cause skin irritation with direct contact. Yet, the EPA also lists it as a probable carcinogen. If it was Terro ant bait it will probably be fine. The active ingredient in Terro is borax. Things like toothpaste & hand soaps often contain borax. Borax isn’t.

Not all ant killers are created equal, and you need to know which kind to purchase so that you do not waste your money on pesticides that do not work. When you shop for ant killer, look for a product that contains poison that the ants carry back to their nest. This causes the entire colony to die out. It depends on the ant trap you are using. My dog ate a Terro ant trap. I went to the manufacturers website and it said that the ant traps are made with a substance similar to pancake syrup and borax a mineral used in stuff like soap. It said that there is not enough to harm a human, dog, or cat.

A small ant colony may succumb to Terro ant bait in a couple of days, while a colony numbering in the hundreds of thousands may take weeks to collapse. As long as ants are coming to the bait station, the colony is still at least partly functional and you should keep the bait station stocked with fresh ant bait. 21/03/2009 · They didn't mind being called about a dog, looked it right up for me and told me not to worry or induce vomiting. Apparently the one that my dog ate contains a medicine they use in dogs to control fleas. Some people have been surprised that you can call poison control about a dog, but I didn't really think anything of it. Ant baits: These contain boric acid which is toxic to dogs if eaten in a large amount. Ant baits have a sweet smell and taste to attract ants but it also appears to attract dogs. Antifreeze ethylene glycol: Antifreeze is a common cause of poisoning in small animals. Dogs will seek out antifreeze as they find its smell and taste appealing. 24/06/2005 · You've missed the obvious solution. Calculate how many ants the amount of poison your dog ate would have killed. Then feed your dog that many ants. The ants and the ant poison should cancel out and the dog should be no worse for wear.

24/06/2007 · My dog just ate a whole bottle of liquid Terro ant killer, she is about 80 lbs and 10 months old, what to do? Looking for a powerful insecticide to get rid of ants? Here’s a detailed Terro Ant Baits review to solve your problem. Terro Ant Bait is currently the best ants killer on the market, and to prove this I’m gonna give you 3 main reasons based on real facts. So, let’s start. Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait is specially designed to provide effective solution to your ant control problem. This ready-to-use ant bait station is pre-filled with liquid formula containing Borax which helps kill all common household ants and prevents them from entering your home. Terro ant killer can be placed anywhere. It is a sweet bait which ants take and carry to their colonies, and this causes them to die within hours. Terro is a slow-acting poison designed to destroy an entire colony and has great user reviews for effectiveness. How Safe is Terro Ant Killer Around Pets? Terro is a highly recommended liquid ant bait.

Is Amdro ant killer poisonous to dogs - Answers.

03/04/2011 · I have a dog and I bought a really cheap plastic foot-high fence and he never tried to. they all flock to the terro and bring the poison back to their nest to poison them at the source, I think. Cruel, I know. I wonder how vegans solve ant problems? 04/03/2011 21:49 Subject: Re:How long does it take terro to work on ants. 16/07/2014 · The other post has a plethora of methods – a homemade insecticidal spray that kills on contact for hand-to-hand combat, dozens of household items you can use to make lines the ants cannot cross and whether they work or are laughable, and a homemade Terro-style ant poison, which is definitely my go-to and most effective method. The gel comes preloaded in an applicator tube, and reviewers say most users won’t need to use the entire tube since the gel is quite strong. As with the TERRO baits, Advion gel should be applied near any ant trails and won’t work immediately – ants need time to swarm the gel and take it back to the colony. Put the prepared “syrup” in an empty soda pop can, lay it on its side with the opening at the ground. The dogs and other animals can’t get to it. Little kids might still be a problem, as they are with a lot of things and need to be watched, but at least I won’t poison the animals. How Much Ant Poison Will Hurt Dog - Expert Tips & Guide. Will your dog be okay if he ate ant poison - My dog ate ant poison but she is fine now, just give him some milk or make sure he drinks plenty of water, then he will likely be okay.

Terro Liquid Ant Bait is an excellent choice to rid your household of everyday ants you see running around your floors or countertops. This form of ant bait comes ready to be used in small, plastic containers referred to as “bait stations.” Filled with liquid product, these bait stations are designed to kill ants over a period of 2-3 days. If you are, then here you can check out some effective kids and pet safe ant killer for both indoors and outdoors. We are all experiencing having annoying ants inside the house. This doesn’t mean that you use toxic chemicals to kill ants inside the house. Your kids and pets may get poison from those toxic ant.

My dog ate some ant poison. Emergency, or.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Terro Liquid Ant Killer II, 1 oz, Pack of 1 at. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 25/06/2009 · About 4-5 days ago my Yorkie puppy ate TERRO liquid ant bait. ingredients: sodium Tetraborate decahydrate 5.4%, OTHER INGREDIENTS 94.6% She is eating every little, she used to eat so much she was like a balloon. she is acting fine she is. 15/12/2007 · Was it something like Terro ant poison? I had a cat get step on a terro ant trap filled with that gooey poison and got it stuck to his paw last year. He proceeded to eat the poison off and tracked it all over the house, I freaked out until I looked it up on their website. i would definitely take her to a vet if it gets worse or continues. maybe see if the vet will let u make payments, or see if someone will let you borrow a little money. my pets are like my family and i couldnt just let their health deteriorate in front of me.

Best Ant Killer For Lawns: Wanting to show off a film lawn is not an easy task as it requires the preparation of the ground. And although the primary objective is to have a good quality lawn, constant maintenance is the key to this goal, taking into account in this aspect the control of pests, because insects as small but sufficient as ants. 07/06/2007 · As a veterinary technician with the Pet Poison HELPLINE she’s going to help us all stay more on top of what’s dangerous for our furry family members. Ant Bait Stations. Reading the label warnings on a box of household ant or roach bait stations might cause you to think their toxicity to mammals is high.

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